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BITSAT paper pattern and tips for BITSAT 2010


About BITSAT 2010

Conducted by the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, the popular BITSAT exam is conducted for admitting students into the integrated first degree courses. This year the BITSAT online examination for entrance into the various campuses of BITS, including BITS Pilani, BITS Mesra, BITS Goa and BITS Hyderabad, will be conducted between 10th May 2010 and 10th June 2010. There is, however, a major difference between the format and difficulty of BITSAT and the other engineering entrance exams namely, IIT JEE and AIEEE. This difference lies in the fact that BITSAT stresses more on the CBSE syllabus and checks the students' concepts and clarity of thought instead of testing them through a tough questionnaire.

BITSAT is probably the only engineering exam currently that readily takes CBSE class 12 toppers directly without them having to take any entrance exam. As far as the entrance exam is concerned, it is comparatively easier and one can crack the BITSAT without any special coaching.

The approach followed by the BITSAT entrance exam is much different and any student preparing well for their CBSE class 12 board exams will manage to perform fairly well at the BITSAT. A little bit of extra preparation unlike AIEEE and IIT JEE where the CBSE preparation is just not good enough.

The BITSAT 2010 notification defined the BITSAT paper pattern and BITSAT marking scheme to be as follows

The BITSAT 2010 paper will contain 150 objective type questions distributed under Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English and Logical reasoning. The Physics and Chemistry sections will have 40 questions each, 25 questions will be asked under the English and Logical Reasoning section and the remaining 45 will be from Mathematics.

The total time limit of the BITSAT 2010 exam will be three hours with multiple choice questions each rewarding 3 marks for correct answer and if answered incorrectly one mark will be deducted each time. That makes the BITSAT 2010 paper total up to a 450 marks. If a candidate chooses to skip a question it will not be negatively marked.

Another unique feature with the BITSAT online exam is the scope of answering 12 bonus questions in case a student finishes the given 150 questions before time, without skipping any question. The 12 extra questions in the BITSAT exam will contain 4 questions each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

BITSAT tips to be kept in mind when preparing for BITSAT 2010

With the popularity of BITSAT exam rising constantly it is important that all candidates put in extra effort in preparing themselves for BITSAT.

  • BITSAT provides a complete BITSAT syllabus with the prospectus and the brochure and students must ensure that they stick to it while preparing since the questions asked in BITSAT 2010 will be strictly from the syllabus.
  • Do not confuse yourself by reading the same topic from too many books since it will only waste your time and increase confusion, when you read a topic from one book say Arihant then ensure that you do it properly without leaving any loose ends. Whichever topic you prepare first read the concepts from the NCERT book and then switch to other books for practice purpose.

  • BITSAT exam takes into consideration marks from all four sections hence getting good marks in Maths and Physics and fairing poorly at Chemistry will not be a good thing so prepare for all subjects equally well.
  • Since Maths and Physics are more numerical based students tend to give more emphasis on preparing for them. However, you must make sure that every day at least an hour or so is dedicated to Chemistry.
  • A piece of good news for the candidates is that the BITSAT 2010 exam lays more stress on memory based questions. Hence everyone appearing for the BITSAT 2010 must ensure that they memorise things like formulas since it will help save a lot of time.
  • BITSAT sample papers and BITSAT previous years' papers are available in many practice books as well as on the official BITSAT website. Practicing on BITSAT sample papers will help memorize syllabus, identifying weak topics, understanding the BITSAT paper format and time management. Hence, once you are through with the syllabus dedicate more time at least the last few days completely to solving BITSAT sample papers.
  • Since BITSAT 2010 is an online exam one must make sure that they are well versed with handling the basic functioning of computers so that the experience does not make them nervous.
  • Though practicing on BITSAT sample papers is a must it is not advisable to do before finishing the entire syllabus since it will not yield any fruitful results.
  • No calculators are allowed in the exam so it will be advisable that you give at least one hour everyday trying to hone your mental calculation skills. This will help not only improve your BITSAT results but will also come handy in other engineering entrance exams you might be appearing for.
  • Though English and Logical Reasoning is much simpler as compared to Physics, Chemistry and Maths it is still essential to prepare for them because without clearing all the sections it is not possible to clear t he BITSAT 2010.Also studying everyday diligently for English is essential since it is a subject that can not be learnt in a day and needs regular practice.
  • The BITSAT 2010 exam gives the opportunity of choosing which section to start with. Always start with the section you are most confident with since it will keep you motivated enough and will leave time for you to be able to solve the other sections.

BITSAT hall ticket for students appearing for BITSAT 2010 can now be downloaded from the BITS official website till the 30th of April, 2010.


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